Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wisconsin Today Follows Lead Of Texas In 2003

When push came to shove over forcible Republan redistricting in 2003, Texas Democratic state senators left the state under cover of darkness to deny the Lege a quorum. The Texas 11 went to Colorado, beyond the reach of Texas State Troopers, to sit it out until Republans were willing to negotiate. Ultimately they lost that battle because one of the members broke faith and returned to Texas, but the principle was established of denying a quorum to hoodlums bent on forcible hostile legislation.

Now it's Wisconsin, and the pattern is similar. King Governor Scott Walker has decided to use a budget crisis largely of his own making as an opportunity to bust the state employees' union. And the state's Democratic senators, knowing a good idea when they see it, have left the state for parts unknown, denying Walker a legislative quorum to act on what the grand old man of Wisconsin politics, retired Rep. David Obey, called "political thuggery" equivalent to actions by Mubarak in Egypt.

I am neither a Democrat nor a Republan. But I have two things to say: 1) kudos and congratulations to Wisconsin's Democratic senators, and 2) King Walker, you can fucking rot in Hell.

Of course the outcome of this battle may affect the viability of public employee unions in other states. If you believe unions are a good thing (after all, you are reading this blog), you'd better hope Wisconsin's senators emerge victorious.

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