Friday, February 11, 2011


The antimacassar of my favorite easy chair, missing for more than a year, reappeared tonight on the floor in the office. I can think of several possibilities of where it has been all this time... maybe the original cats "lost" it and then their successors "found" it again for me, or perhaps it was stuck inside a jacket which I hung up in a closet in the office and brought out only recently in response to the painfully cold weather (by southern standards)... but mostly I am glad that its return does not mean that I have to use Macassar or any other hair goo. I had quite enough of hair goo in my young years, when every male of my generation used the damned stuff. Viva antimacassar; long may it wave!

AFTERTHOUGHT:  how many of you have a new vocabulary entry tonight? and how many of you learned the word at your grandparents' knee? Pop, my maternal grandfather, may or may not have known the word; Mommy Tad, my maternal grandmother, knew it in spades, because she had to clean every damned one of the things on the chairs in the presentation-perfect living room (a room never used except when invited guests were present in the home). But I did not learn it from either of them. It crept into my store of words one day a decade or so ago, when I wasn't looking, and it took up residence without asking permission. Antimacassar... a grand word, isn't it?


  1. I have theory that things sometimes get bored and just grow legs go away and come back after they're ready to do their job again. Then again maybe you have a leprechaun or gremlin. 'Antimacassar' is indeed a grand word. If I remember correctly, I think I met it in an Agatha Christie mystery or somesuch when I was about twelve.

  2. antimacassar would make for a great cat's name don't ya think? peace, m

  3. Kay, mandt...

    Kay, that's as good an hypothesis as any. This one looks as if it may have been folded into a diamond shape during most of its absence. Now I have no idea what to do with it: If I spread it on the back of the chair, it will fall off every time I deploy the fleece throw that also resides on that chair. If I don't, I have another extraneous object to keep track of. Ah well. The chair is still wonderful, with or without it.

    mandt, indeed that would be a good name, especially for a cat who likes to drape herself over the back of a chair, as indeed Stella's kitties do.



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