Friday, February 25, 2011


You already know what I missed until now by sleeping late: At around 1 AM, Republans in the Wisconsin Assembly held a surprise vote... didn't even move to cut off debate first, disallowed all Democrats' requests even to speak, and (it's hard to tell from the news article) may have even cut off Dems' opportunity to press their buttons in the automated voting system... to pass the Walker budget. According to that system, 28 members didn't vote at all... how likely is that?

Democrats began chanting "Shame! Shame! Shame!" and I stand with them on that.

Clearly Wisconsin is no longer a democracy, Walker is a dictator and his Republan legislators are a rabble. Perhaps the outcome could never have been any different, but the process damned well could have been.

Now only the Democratic senators' absence prevents the budget from becoming law. Maybe it's time for a public employee sick-out.


  1. Isn't their vote illegal or unconstitutional? You know all hell is gonna break out! I'd like to see those idiots jailed. There's got to be a law they're breaking.

  2. Kay: I doubt it violates anything other than the rules of the Wisconsin House, and I can't imagine there's anyone with enforcement power except... you guessed it... the GOPers.

    I do suspect the whole episode spells doom for Walker and perhaps some GOP legislators, either in the next election or perhaps sooner... the polls show Wisconsinites are mad as hell about their behavior.

  3. More recall petitions will be filed, but as near as I can tell, about the only thing the Dems might be able to do is invalidate the vote as not being conducted in accordance with the rules.

    The problem is that I can't see how they can approach a judge with the case unless it becomes law.

    It was a childish thing for the Reps to do, as they had the votes, but no one ever lost money betting on the GOP's lack of maturity.

  4. Bryan, Walker seems to have forgotten in his newfound dictatorial rush that Wisconsin is a state with a long and deep tradition of union activism and progressive government. I mean, the few Wisconsinites I know still remember the career of Bob La Follette (the elder)!

    Poll after poll (see TPM for details) shows that Walker is on the losing end of this one even if he wins. I know it will be a tough year until he can be recalled (WI requires the target of a recall to be in office for a year or more), but I have a feeling those kids in the WI Capitol have long memories indeed. And many of them are just reaching voting age, and don't plan to be ignored.

    The fact that Walker has also offended law enforcement may make any hardcore actions he may plan a bit more, shall we say, challenging.



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