Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Star-Telegram Summarizes Texas Budget

The Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, at one time the late great Molly Ivins's newspaper, provides a summary list of proposed budget changes for the State of Texas. It isn't pretty. Expect old people, kids, people with disabilities, home health assistance programs, schools and libraries, colleges and universities, and various environmentally related inspection and maintenance programs to be hurt. Other than that, everything is just fine; just ask Governor Goodhair.


  1. Mad, the worst of it is that as far as I can tell, Rick Perry is Governor-for-Life, rather like a third-world tinpot dictator. The Democratic Party's last candidate for governor, Bill White, former Houston mayor, is one of the most craftsmanly politicians and effective campaigners the state has ever had, and he still couldn't beat Rick Perry because Perry has more money than God behind him. I am far from optimistic.

  2. Since I gave up hope I feel much better. I miss Molly -- she's one of ny heroes. I'm sure she's rolling in her grave or raising serious hell in heaven.

  3. Kay, Molly (whom I regret I never met in person) was one of the gentle souls we all love and admire... but her politics had an unmistakable edge to it that one either identified with (that's me) or loathed (the whole of the GOP). They don't make 'em like Molly anymore, I'm sorry to say. I think it's a safe bet that her corner of Heaven has some important political battles yet to be won, just waiting for her attention; goodness knows she loved fighting the good fight on this earth.



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