Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Impending Government Shutdown

According to my reckoning, the last day of the current Continuing Resolution is March 4. So on March 5, absent a cave-in by Obama or Boehner, it's bye-bye to Social Security checks, Medicare (and apparently Medicaid) checks, open national parks, power from Hoover Dam, you-name-it. (I name it "one of Stella's paychecks.") David Dayen of FDL has the sordid details.

The last time the government shut down in 1995, times were pretty good for most people, and Clinton was able to make it clear to the public that the shutdown was the direct consequence of GOP actions. This time, times are anything but good for a lot of Americans, and Obama has all the political acumen of a college professor. Scratch that; I personally know several professors with vastly more political savvy than Obama has (or at least is willing to use). What will happen? Well, before we find out, we have to wait out this game of chicken that the two major parties are playing. It's reason number 102,721 why I'm no longer a Democrat... and at present, it's reason number 1 why anyone who is a Republan should take his head out of his ass and look around him.


  1. Allegedly there's a resolution to buy time 'til 3/31 (I'm too tired to go look it up). My SS check goes in my acct. on the 3rd so I'm okay for March -- I hope. However, I'm scheduled for eye surgery next month and I'm not certain how that will work. Who knows? Maybe doctors will hit the streets in protest next!

    I swear that somebody's gonna get shot before this is over.

  2. I can't believe that your politicos are so bloody stupid as to let this happen...

    Hold on when was the last time a politician signed on?

  3. Kay, I fear you may be right, but until that push-comes-to-shoot moment, it is to our advantage to keep the protests peaceful, as much as possible and still impede the guvmint in its bad acts.

  4. jams, if you lived here, you would believe it. These people are full-blown, bat-shit, bug-eyed crazy, and that's the kindest way I can put it. I don't know what they think they're accomplishing, but I'm afraid Kay may be right about the eventual resolution. And here I had hoped to die before the really bad times came...

  5. BTW, Kay, as a Packers fan, you will surely appreciate Charles Woodson's statement.

  6. I saw it. I love it. Rachel Maddow loves the Packers (but remains a Patriots fan) and mentioned their support.

    And you did summed up what we're dealing with perfectly perfectly.
    And I'm really afraid that a nut is going to viral.



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