Thursday, February 10, 2011

Et Tu, Hoyer?

Tuesday I mentioned Republan Sen. Richard Shelby's proposal that the retirement age be raised an unspecified number of years... to "save" Social Security, of course, even though all the evidence is that SS is solvent and doesn't need saving. Now it's Democrat Steny Hoyer. From TPM's Brian Beutler via FDL's David Dayan:


In a speech last summer about entitlements and deficits, Hoyer said, "We should consider a higher retirement age or one pegged to lifespan."

At his weekly press availability on Wednesday, I asked him if he still stood by his previous comments, or if, like Boehner, he'd rather keep his powder dry. 

"Unlike Boehner [who supported raising the retirement age outright], what I said is it ought to be on the table," Hoyer said. "We ought to consider all options, including raising the age, but there are a lot of other options also that can be considered and I also indicated that whatever we do needs to be done prospectively. And I think all parties agree with that."


Have you noticed how the strongest supporters of raising the retirement age are often wealthy millionaires who are themselves past any suggested retirement age? Yeah, sure; they're happy to force you to work another several years; it's no skin off their backs.

I wish each and every senator and member of Congress who advocates raising the retirement age could live one day in my shoes, including the big one. I don't know that it would give them any perspective, but it pleases me to think of their suffering along with the rest of us.

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