Thursday, February 24, 2011

WI GOPers Cut Off Debate In Assembly

In keeping with their antidemocratic tradition, Wisconsin's GOP House majority set a limit on the number of budget bill amendments to be proposed and on the length of debate. Note that the Wisconsin Senate Democrats are still elsewhere. This statement from House minority leader Peter Barca (from a liveblog; I can't guarantee it will still be at that link) pretty well sums it up:

Democrats did not make a deal this morning. It’s not a deal when the majority shuts down the voice of the people.‬‪

The Republican majority issued an ultimatum and demanded a limit on the number of amendments in the Wisconsin Assembly this morning. Republican leadership said that only one additional amendment per Democratic Assembly member would be allowed. The only other option they presented was to cut off debate entirely. Assembly Democrats will continue to debate and have been working to prioritize remaining amendments so that we can make the best case on behalf of Wisconsin’s working families.‬‪ Make no mistake, Assembly Democrats have been pressing both legislative leadership and Governor Walker to come to the table to resolve this impasse. Every attempt at compromise has been refused by Gov. Walker and Assembly Republicans. During the 45 hours of session Republicans rejected every amendment Democrats offered: 57 amendments and counting.‬‪ A deal would be if they agreed to remove the many egregious, harmful elements of this bill – and certainly give people their rights back. They have done neither of these things.
Ian Welsh says there is chatter of a possible general strike in Wisconsin, which he says would be illegal under Taft-Hartley. Somehow I find it hard to be outraged at peaceful violators of law whose rights under the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights (see upstream) are being violated.

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