Thursday, May 10, 2012

At Least Obama Landed On The Pro-Human-Rights Side Of The Gay-Marriage Issue. Romney, However...

Whatever Obama may have done, whatever he neglected to do, however tepid his affirmation of support for marriage equality, at least he doesn't have this in his background, as revealed in WaPo about Romney in an incident with an allegedly gay student at Romney's prep school:


A few days later, Friedemann entered Stevens Hall off the school’s collegiate quad to find Romney marching out of his own room ahead of a prep school posse shouting about their plan to cut Lauber’s hair. Friedemann followed them to a nearby room where they came upon Lauber, tackled him and pinned him to the ground. As Lauber, his eyes filling with tears, screamed for help, Romney repeatedly clipped his hair with a pair of scissors.

The incident was recalled similarly by five students, who gave their accounts independently of one another. Four of them — Friedemann, now a dentist; Phillip Maxwell, a lawyer; Thomas Buford, a retired prosecutor; and David Seed, a retired principal — spoke on the record. Another former student who witnessed the incident asked not to be identified. The men have differing political affiliations, although they mostly lean Democratic. Buford volunteered for Barack Obama’s campaign in 2008. Seed, a registered independent, has served as a Republican county chairman in Michigan. All of them said that politics in no way colored their recollections.


And you thought Romney's tying the poor dog to the roof of the car was bad!

If what these five men have independently described, reported in the Washington Post, is true, Romney effectively committed assault, bullying a young gay man... and got away with it.

Romney claims not to remember the incident. Then again, Romney lies a lot.

Maybe this story will endear Romney to his base. But jeebus on a crutch... assault? What are they willing to forgive? I suppose the answer is "anything in pursuit of power."

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