Saturday, May 5, 2012

The New Word On This Blog's Location

Heh. WordPress has axed me for a TOS violation. They did not tell me what triggered it... but for the moment I'm back on Blogger.

As always, if you bookmark you will be referred to my current blog location. For now, it will be here on Blogger; I don't know about later on.

Yes, things are pretty untidy and a bit ancient looking over here. Sorry. If indeed I have to return here, I'll clean it up a bit.

UPDATE: I managed to get far enough into the WordPress dashboard to create an export of my entire blog over there. I've no idea how to import all or part of it here, but I've had no sleep tonight, so that will have to wait.

Mad suggested that I use the locally hosted WordPress software because they never had any such trouble with it. All I can say is that after this incident, Texas will freeze over in mid-July before WordPress gets any money from me. Trust is difficult to establish and easy to breach.

I suppose I'll move a couple of recent posts over before I sleep. It might make me feel more at home.


  1. Steve,

    As I have already said, I'll follow you here, just as long as it takes…
    thanks for letting me know!

  2. To Hope:



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