Thursday, May 17, 2012

Products From China That Will Kill You... Or Make You A Cannibal

ellroon of Rants from the Rookery continues her list of dangerous products imported from China, a list that seems always to grow longer, never shorter. At some point, you have to doubt the intent of the Chinese government... and the American government... to rectify the situation. Considering the clearly inadequate inspection of imported Chinese products, I suppose we have to live with poisonous pet food, honey containing heavy metals, pills that contain human remains, ... the list goes on and on; read it yourself. You may not be quite so quick to buy things labeled "Made in China" when you see the pattern.


  1. Never, ever buy baby food, toys or pet food and treats from China

  2. Remember the 2007 brouhaha over Chinese gifts made of panda dung? It even included Olympic-themed statues.

    Chinese Exports — The Real Poop

    Nothing ever changes.

    I take it back. Things change, but only for the worse.

  3. karmanot - I don't, if indeed I can determine where stuff is made. Even so, you wonder if you can believe the labeling...

    Mad - good rhymes... but if you believe all the sources ellroon quotes, they do indeed "use it for soup," or the equivalent. I remember once being in a computer store with a Chinese-American owner when someone returned a defective OEM hard drive for credit. As soon as the man left, the owner boxed the drive up and put it right back in stock. There's a difference in the view of business ethics (not to mention personal responsibility) that may be beyond being bridged. Or maybe they learned it from our Republicans...



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