Wednesday, May 23, 2012

TPM Engages In Antisocial Networking

TPM has a new system in which, in order to post a comment, one must have an account with Facebook, Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail. I have none of those, and at the moment I have no intention of getting any of those. I might consider Twitter, but that's not among the options.

I have been responsible for a good deal of publicity in the form of links to TPM articles. But being cut off arbitrarily from the commenting system annoys me enough that there probably will not be many links from here to there in the future.


  1. I don't like those comment systems which limit access to a few networking sites/ Even though I have FB (god for contact with relatives and old school friends) and twitter ( a handy news aggregator), I also resent being forced to have such accounts just to ost a comment

  2. Yahoo? AOL? Hotmail? That's where they get their visitors? Why not include the Source and Compuserve? Nothing associated with Google?

    I may include links to Facebook, but I have no intention of providing them with content or information.

    TPM has gone corporate.

    I stopped reading the site when it became all Obama during the primary in 2008.

  3. jams, from time to time I have considered a Twitter account, because both political and technology people seem to participate, and I have heard nothing bad about their behavior. Facebook is another matter: every time they promise to abide by their own rules regarding use of client information, they seem to "forget" and find another way to use all those names, addresses and demographics for another profitable purpose of their own.

    I was on Yahoo for a short while when they merged with SBC, but soon gave it up. As for Hotmail, I have as little to do with M$ as possible.

  4. Bryan, I was with TPM from the very beginning, when it was Josh's personal political blog and nothing more. Today, I am sorry to say, his empire-building has made a hash of things over there. Sometimes I find something funny; sometimes their science news tips me to something I've missed. But there are plenty of political sites out there, and I'm afraid most of TPM's fresh young reporters just don't write very well...



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