Saturday, May 19, 2012

Well, Those Two Texts Were As Ugly As Proverbial Homemade Soap...

... but if I'm in an extended power outage, say, after a hurricane, but my cell phone works, e.g., charged from a car battery, it means I can let you know I'm still alive. Thanks for your patience.


  1. We are on the side of those who are very glad you are alive. If I didn't have this blog to look forward to everyday There might grow moss on my old socialist bones. ----Had a cardio conversion yesterday and hope, therefor, to be more polite in the peace,m

  2. karmanot, thank you for your kind good wishes; we all need each other, and I do hope your cardio conversion was effective in correcting whatever physical irregularity you were suffering... I'm not worried about your politeness, only your well-being. :-)

    My physical status is no worse than usual, but I seem to be contemplating serious personal matters... retirement, etc. ... a lot lately. 'Tis the season, for many of us!



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