Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pelosi: Save The Millionaires!

Actually, according to David Dayen of FDL, who bases his assessment on a Citizens for Tax Justice analysis, Pelosi's new "middle class tax cut plan" is worse than that: it cuts taxes on anything up to $1 million a year in income, which sacrifices lots of potential revenue from people who are, by any reasonable standards, wealthy:
Citizens for Tax Justice has helpfully run the numbers for me. And it’s pretty much as I suspected. First of all, they note that “Pelosi’s proposal to extend the Bush income tax cuts for taxpayers’ first $1 million of income is a departure from President Obama’s proposal to extend the tax cuts for the first $250,000 that a married couple makes and the first $200,000 a single person makes.” That’s still in the President’s budget, so this represents an undeniable shift. 
As to the numbers. CTJ estimates that Pelosi’s plan would save 43% less revenue than Obama’s plan. ... 
The whole Democratic Party appears to have abandoned us. Nancy Pelosi throws a large, meaty bone to $1m-income-a-year taxpayers; meanwhile, Carl Levin says Congress can ignore a federal judge's ruling against indefinite detention. (It has occurred to me before that Levin may be suffering some form of senile dementia.* Or maybe not...)

My typical behavior in recent presidential-year elections has been to sift the candidates carefully in the Democratic primary, then vote straight-'D' in the general. I don't know if I can do that this year. The party has changed. When even Pelosi abandons us for the $1m-annual-income folks, you know something is drastically different.

* ADDED: our first indication that my mother was developing Alzheimer's disease was that she paid a bill by writing a check for $3 million. Either she was experiencing the onset of dementia, or had delusions of being a member of Congress. Regrettably, it was the former.


  1. Either she was experiencing the onset of dementia, or had delusions of being a member of Congress.

    What's the difference?

  2. "Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself."
    - Mark Twain, a Biography

    Mom's diagnosis was soon medically confirmed; most members of Congress never seem to reach that point. At the end, Mom recognized Dad, and me, but friends she had known for decades were at best barely familiar faces to her.

    If I reach that stage, I shall fucking shoot myself. So far, the worst I've experienced are mild old‑man memory lapses; I'm not too worried... yet.

  3. Pelosi is such a tool and the boobyazi think she is a San Francisco liberal. I had the pleasure in our primary of not voting for Diane Feinstein--- another neo-liberal party hack.

  4. karmanot, I guess that since Pelosi's district is so wealthy, one could argue she is truly representing them. But I had hoped for better from her. Foolish on my part, I know.



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