Thursday, May 24, 2012

Conservation Of Church-State Separations

Via Lindsay Beyerstein, here's AFP in the National Post:
OSLO – Norway, which is one of few developed countries to still have a state religion, passed a final hurdle Thursday to separate the Protestant Lutheran Church from the state, parliament said.

The move, which requires changes to Norway’s constitution, was approved by parliament a second time Thursday, in what was a formality after lawmakers voted through with overwhelming support on Monday, with 161 votes in favour and just three opposing votes.

High marks for Norwegians' legendary common sense. There was scant opposition.

Meanwhile, assuring conservation of church intervention in state affairs in America, Catholic church leaders and fundamentalist evangelicals with Catholic assistance...

In America, no liberty won by our forebears ever stays won. No good turn in the world goes unanswered by a selfish one. This is particularly true when we strive to retain our government's independence from the influence of religious organizations. Eternal vigilance, etc.

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