Sunday, May 20, 2012

Easy Sunday

It was one of those almost perfect spring days that Houston has occasionally, mostly clear skies with an occasional cloud just to stave off boredom, a temperature conducive to sitting on the patio most of the day, reading Mark Twain's The Innocents Abroad, sipping cool water and contemplating what a life that man led, and how much things have changed from his lifetime to mine. I have read that that book changed the nature of travel books for good, and indeed it is a kind of personal keepsake, a long, rambling, never boring tale as much rooted in who Twain was as in what he did. Travel narrative as statement of opinion is a new concept for me.

In any case, I have no current events to comment on, because I haven't done my homework today. Absorbing the sunshine, watching the birds and squirrels, and making another tiny dent in my four-foot shelf of Twain's works, collected a volume at a time over decades, will have to do. I hope your day, whatever you did with it, was as satisfying as mine!


  1. I am very pleased you didn't do your homework to day!
    You need a day off, after so much done on American politics!

  2. Sounds like an excellent way to spend your day...There is absolutely nothing happening that is not completely predictable considering the players.

  3. Enfant, fallenmonk - thank you both for your kind words. The day off did me a world of good!

  4. Since the cardioversion I sleep long deep hours and sit in the garden swing watching the white water lilies, hummingbirds, and baby blue jays drink from the pond. I have withdrawn from the battles and the mentality of war. Time to encourage the new kids with stories of survival and the kind-of strength it takes to pursue justice in this god-forsaken country. Build communities and restructure needs.

  5. karmanot, sleep well and wake well, and fight your battles only as they come to you... let the young folk go looking for trouble!



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