Thursday, May 10, 2012

Smart Cat, Dumb Kit

Lily, who is Esther's kit, is now about the age Esther was when we brought them both home. Unfortunately, there the resemblance ends. Esther, at that age and now, is smart and sweet and affectionate. Lily, on the other paw...

I was sleeping in this morning, until I was awakened by a gigantic metallic crash. Stella was already at work, so I knew it was one of the cats. Sure enough, Lily had managed to catch her collar in the iron frame that holds the water bowls, inverting both bowls and the frame, in place. Fortunately our cats have breakaway collars.

Lily is nothing but trouble, day after day. How such a bright, sweet mom-cat could produce such a lame-brained offspring, I'll never understand.


  1. Hopefully the kitten will turn out to be as sweet as mom, if not as smart.

    Last night I was in the bathroom combing my hair in front of the mirror, and TMF jumped up to be petted. He was wending his way back and forth and then suddenly he jumped a foot in the air and shot out the door like a rocket.

    He had put his foot knee-deep into the water bowl that lives by the sink, knocking it over and taking off like he was under attack by the Water Monster.

    Oh well. At least he's a sweet purry cuddly kitty. Just dumber than a box of rocks :).

    - Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin

  2. Would she like a series of upturned boxes to crawl through? No metal to hook on to, no bowls to wipe up after...

    Never mind, Lily would think of something....

  3. jams - Stella loves Lily and Lily loves Stella. I would love Lily more if she didn't act toward me as if I were an ax murderer!

    BadTux - clearly you have some idea of the phenomenon I'm talking about! I wouldn't want to see a contest between Lily and a box of rocks; she'd probably tip it over on top of herself.

    ellroon - Lily is not lacking for toys, including a plastic tunnel in which she has never gotten stuck. It is more likely she was trying to, surprise, drink water from the bowls, and got her collar hooked on the iron frame that holds the two bowls and (supposedly) prevents them from tipping over. Leave it to Lily...

  4. LOL I'm sure my Mom thought as much of me!

  5. No matter how many times they get their heads caught in the handles of plastic bags and end up rocketing around the house with the bag flapping away, both Excise and Property continue to find a way into the drawer where they are stored and fool around with them.

    It took Sox one time to swear off bags for life, and he's as smart and graceful as a brick.

    Lily may simply be unlucky and thinks the world is out to get her.

  6. karmanot, surely you weren't THAT much trouble for your mother! :-)

    Bryan, Lily may indeed be unlucky, and she certainly thinks I am out to get her!



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