Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hypocrite Paul Ryan: 'I Got Mine; Fuck You!'

Of course Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) didn't say "fuck you" in words, but rather in his actions. So what hypocritical thing has he done this time? Here's bal of Daily Kos, drawing on a piece from WPRI that (I think) was intended to be complimentary to Ryan:
Entitlement-hating Paul Ryan collected Social Security benefits until he was 18

I guess it's only when social programs help other people that they're bad, because I haven't seen Paul Ryan acknowledging how Social Security benefits helped him and his family in trying times:


[quoted by bal from an article by WPRI]
With his father’s passing, young Paul collected Social Security benefits until age 18, which he put away for college. To make ends meet, Paul’s mother returned to school to study interior design. His siblings were off at college. Ryan remembers this difficult time bringing him and his mother closer.
Within months, Paul’s maternal grandmother moved into the house. She suffered from Alzheimer’s, and it often fell on young Paul to care for her, including brushing and braiding her hair. Ryan credits his father’s death and the care of his grandmother as giving him first-hand experience as to how social service programs work.
Ryan sure did get first-hand experience on how social programs work.  They made it possible for Paul Ryan to attend college, get an education, and make a name for himself in the political world.  And he's now using that name to make sure others don't get the same opportunities he did.
What an evil hypocrite.
bal said it. Ryan effectively says "I got mine; fuck the rest of you." How Republican of him!

UPDATE: I can't help thinking of the second song in this YouTube video...
ASIDE: Speaking of evil... Blogger seems to have changed text editors and code generators on me overnight, to ones that generate "kitchen sink" HTML code which is almost totally inscrutable to the human eye. Any thoughts?

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