Sunday, May 6, 2012

Stella's Hanging

No, she's not dangling from a rope. The art opening she attended last night included a collaborative work she created with another artist, a work inspired by an exhibit sponsored by WiVLΛ - Women in Visual and Literary Arts - on the theme "Mixed Messages."

In keeping with the double meaning of the show's theme, each work was a collaboration of at least two artists working in two different media. In Stella's case, the work was a watercolor (by the other artist) with a lettered poem (by Stella) interwoven among the depicted dancers.

A good time was had by all. All Stella's friends were there... well, all of them except for me; this damned cold, or at least the following cough, is not quite gone yet.

 (Blogger is giving me grief as I attempt to publish this. It's not a good second-beginning.)


  1. Congrats to Stella. I hope your show was well-attended.

  2. Thanks, karmanot and c! You'll be pleased to know that the work sold. I resisted the temptation to announce it in a post titled "Stella Sells Out" ...



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