Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Blogger's Bad Karma

Sometimes I think that as a blogger, I'm just snake-bit.

My original hand-coded blog eventually enhanced with HaloScan comments (don't you miss 'em?), I retired when it was clear that HaloScan was about to be replaced with a paid service, which I always called "JK-Shit".

At that point, I moved to a Blogger blog. JK-Shit gave me about 10 days' notice that it planned to fuck me over, and that 10 day period included Christmas and New Year's.

So I set up this Blogger blog, and rocked along with it for not even quite a year (??) before Google suffered The Great Crash. I don't know about other Blogger bloggers, but I actually lost posts in that one. I wasn't happy about that.

So I girded my loins for battle and created a somewhat similar WordPress blog. This was my third blog in two years (??), and I wasn't very happy about another move. But I did it. WordPress had some distinct advantages and a couple of disadvantages (e.g., ads silently prepended to the comment areas of posts, ads not visible to the logged-in owner). Still, it wasn't bad.

Then this morning at about 2:00 AM CT, WordPress did the equivalent of the political Friday Night News Dump. They disabled my blog, alleging a violation of Terms of Service. WTF? I wasn't doing anything I hadn't seen other bloggers doing on WordPress dozens of times. And if, as one of their messages implied but did not say, they thought I had created some sort of "link farm" or whatever it's called to tweak the search engine stats, they can go suck eggs. I use a lot of links, but the only entity that could mistake my posts for spam is a 'bot unverified by any human backup.

I registered my ire... politely, because they can do ANYTHING they want to... in two civilly worded messages early today. But I doubt this matter will be resolved in my favor. People who set up systems of that kind are like preachers who involve parishioners in programs of abuse to "purify" them: they're absolutely certain they are right, and nothing will make them change their minds.

So I am preparing myself for a permanent (?) move back to Blogger; this is a start. Thanks for your patience and wish me luck.

BTW, I'm using a backup of the blogroll that is about 3 weeks old. If you were on the previous roll, and are not on this one, please email me at my usual blog email of, with the tildes removed.


  1. Enough to drive ya crazy . I suspect that the future holds more censorship and 'control' than ever before.

  2. In fairness, karmanot, Bryan explained that the site I linked to had been abandoned for some time, and may have been taken over by purveyors of malware of some sort. Why they couldn't simply have deleted the link rather than zapping my blog is quite beyond my comprehension... it's about as easy to script the former as the latter.



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