Sunday, May 6, 2012

Michael Moore Sings The Times They Are A-Changin'

Here. He's not Bob Dylan... in a way, that's the point; the rendition is emphatically and uniquely Michael's own... but he has a very pleasant voice, and of course the performance is heartfelt. This audio-only recording appears to have been made as part of a set called Occupy This Album. And to my amazement, the excellent work on the pennywhistle is done by... composer David Amram. It's a small world! (No, please don't sing that... please, please...)


  1. Also, Steve did you catch Moyer's interview with Louis Urrea? Powerful and moving....

  2. I'm off to take a look right now...

  3. ... very moving. (I had to listen to the audio-only podcast; I had forgotten that my old slow computer will not handle Bill Moyers's videos.)

    The real irony of people like Urrea is that Hispanics make up one culture across two nations, and they quite rightly do not understand the insanity of white Americans' reaction at the border. In my days as a deputy voter registrar, I registered two Mexican-American brothers who were neighbors of mine. They had families in Mexico; both were American citizens, lived here full-time, had steady employment, paid American income tax, etc. But their cultural ties with the Mexican branch of their family were still strong. They occasionally jumped into the truck and drove to Mexico to visit their family there. At home, they spoke Spanish; to me, they spoke flawless English. The border was nothing to them... and I was always afraid that some nut-job would prevent them from re-entering the US after a weekend visit to their mother.

    Anyway, I registered them to vote. The county voter registrar, always a Republican in this county, "lost" their applications. I made a stink about it with the help of a political club president who had access to TV news people; we got it on the air, their applications were miraculously found and they were registered in time to vote.

    And I remember thinking, "These are the people 'they' are afraid of. These are the people 'they' don't want to vote." If America is the home of family values, 'they' should be grateful that we have these brothers as fellow citizens. Unfortunately, some of 'them' are anything but grateful.



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