Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bradley Manning's America: Land Of The (Indefinitely Detained), Home Of The (Too Cowardly To Grant A Fair Trial)

Bradley Manning is a man imprisoned without charges for a year after his arrest, finally charged with enough crimes to assure his imprisonment for life if convicted, and now, according to his defense team, denied discovery of exculpatory evidence for almost a year to date. Please read the details; even the bare facts are disgusting. This is not how America claims to treat its accused... at least not the America I grew up admiring.

"Show trial." "Drumhead." Call it whatever you want; it is obvious that Bradley Manning will ultimately be convicted on all charges, and exculpatory evidence will never be disclosed. Is the clear message "don't leak secrets"? In my opinion, it's more like "don't make Barry Obama and his buddies look bad." Your mileage may vary.

Maybe you've got the goods on Barry and his boys, but if you leak, your ass is going to jail, probably for life... fair trial be damned.

Is Manning guilty of the nearly two dozen charges against him? We'll never know. The world will never know.


  1. Constance ReaderMay 29, 2012 at 11:10 AM

    I think the message is "The US does not wrong. The truth is a lie."

  2. Sometimes I wonder if the US will stop the pretence that this is a fair trial and get Judge Bruce Skippy opens proceedings

  3. The America we grew up with, knew and loved is gone. We live in an ever growing police state. The truth is that no one is save now--- anyone who speaks out or dissents. We live in a fascist world.



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