Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Well, That Was Disappointing

The Texas Democratic primary, I mean. If you're in Harris County (Houston), you may find your time better spent, rather than wading through the Houston Com... er... Chronicle (link is to their results page) reading Charles Kuffner's Off the Kuff; Charles gives you The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

On the positive side, both my favorite US Senate candidate, Paul Sadler, and my US Rep. Dist. 7 candidate, Lissa Squiers, are in runoffs. Sadler is an education wizard in the state Lege; Squiers is one of the most agile speakers on-mic of anyone I've heard this year.

The most disturbing primary to me is the 215th Judicial District. A sitting Democratic judge, Steven Kirkland, was primaried. Why? Apparently because a wealthy lawyer didn't like Kirkland's ruling in a multi-million-dollar case. By whom? By Elaine Palmer, funded entirely by the wealthy lawyer. Palmer is a young African American lawyer who has been reprimanded by the State Bar. Palmer ousted Kirkland, winning over 60 percent of the vote. Charles Kuffner asks the relevant question: now that Palmer has done the dirty work for her sole financial backer... ousting Kirkland... will the backer even bother to fund her run in November? My best guess is that GOPers are licking their chops over this race. Under ordinary circumstances, the election of a young Democratic African American as a candidate to the bench is a happy occasion. Under these circumstances, it makes me wonder whether we should be electing judges at all. Of course, if we didn't, Gov.-for-Life Perry would have appointed every damned judge in the great State of Texas by now...

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