Monday, May 21, 2012

Chicago, The New Battleground, Following NY, LA, Oakland, Etc. ... Is Your City Next?

Chicago PD came prepared to do violence, and they did violence. The new standard response to nonviolent protest is suppression of protest, serious injury to and arrest of protesters, false witness against protesters. This is all happening right now. Please read Adgita Diaries, Chicago Cops Attack Veterans, L'Enfant de la Haute Mer, At NATO Summit in Chicago, Police Clash with Protesters (14 photos), and Bryan, Chicago Ninja Terrorists? regarding police behavior.

NTodd and others, now may not be a good time to introduce your young children to the reality of protest. Some skulls are being cracked, and the Chicago police seem utterly indiscriminate about whose. Reportedly LRADs are being used as well, and permanent hearing damage is a real possibility.

This is as bad as I had expected. A mere four years ago, I never imagined it would come to this. But it has, and I am no longer surprised.


  1. Only way Sam's gonna learn how to field dress wounds and that the cops are pigs is to leap into the fray!

  2. Yeah, ntodd, but maybe when he's 12 or 13 years old. I'm sure we'll still have a nation by then... at least I think we will...

    The only useful thing Boy Scouts did for me was teach me first aid, and by now I've forgotten it all.

  3. This is Chicago, home of the Haymarket Massacre, the suppression of the Pullman Strike, the '68 Dem Convention, etc. The Chicago PD was founded to protect the privileged and keep people in 'their place'.

    This isn't new, it is the why things have always been, but people forget.

    The CPD has a blue and white hat band to remind people of their 'checkered past'.

  4. Always bring a wet towel, helmet with visor, shin guards, secret camera and steel toed boots. Unfortunately, if you come prepared the pigs usually go for women, the disabled and the elderly. So, the above gear must be Occupy necessities for all protesters.---Just saying.

  5. I'm not sure a wet towel is helpful when there's tear gas, at least in my experience. That shit clings to moist skin, so we used citric and/or boric acid solutions in rags in Palestine. Regardless, BE PREPARED!



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