Saturday, May 26, 2012

Scott Walker's Texas Deer 'Czar': That Dog Won't Hunt

You might think that Wisconsinites who are very conservative would automatically vote for Scott Walker this Tuesday. I can't say you are wrong, but I can say that there is at least one good reason why they should not vote for him: via Phoenix Woman of FDL, his appointment as "czar" (sorry, Bryan) of wildlife and hunting on public lands a Texan, James Kroll (call him "Walker's Texas Ranger"), who doesn't believe the public should be allowed to hunt on public lands. Under Kroll, deer hunting would fall within the purview of the privileged... those who can afford their own lands... or those with access to "game farms". He is on record describing public game management as “the last bastion of communism.”

An ages-old tradition of sensibly regulated public hunting of the public commons would be put down, for the benefit of... who else... the wealthy. Even a sprout-eater like me is offended by that! How would my grandparents have survived if Grandpa couldn't have hunted a nearby woods for deer? I wouldn't even be here today.

Spread the word: Scott Walker is against your hunting deer... unless you're rich.

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  1. If you don't hunt the deer, they over-populate and become a nuisance to one-and-all. This has happened in several places where hunting would simply be too dangerous because of development. In the end the wild herds starve to death after laying waste to the land, including farms.

    Humans have killed off the natural predators of the deer and are obligated to take their place or re-introduce them. Given the problems that programs to re-introduce predators have faced, hunting becomes the near term answer to the problem.

    There was a time when the NRA would have been yelling and screaming about this, but I don't expect them to even notice.



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