Saturday, October 6, 2012

An Inconvenient Truther

Get off my lawn!
Who would that be? Jack Welch, former CEO of GE. Who is he inconvenient for? Any remaining halfway sane people in the GOP and the Rmoney campaign. What is inconvenient about him? He's a "BLS truther," someone who sees yesterday's improved job numbers as a vast conspiracy of BLS statisticians loyal only to Obama and determined to cook the books in his behalf. Never mind that BLS statisticians are civil servants who can be fired for politicizing their jobs; never mind that a GeeDubya Bush appointee has directed the Bureau for as long as Obama has been in the White House: Welch is just sure there's a BLS conspiracy to fake the numbers.

Here's Benjy Sarlin of TPM:
Jack Welch defended his assertion that the Bureau of Labor Statistics was engaged in a vast conspiracy to inflate jobs numbers before the election, during an appearance on MSNBC Friday. However, he admitted he had only a hunch to support his claim.

“I have no evidence of corruption, none whatsoever” he told a combative Chris Matthews on Hardball.

Nonetheless: “Jack Welch is raising the question,” Welch said.
He said it his very own self, in a third-person reference almost like Gollum. The short version of what Welch is pleading: "I offer the argument from authority, and the authority is me."

How desperate must the GOP be, to allow this doddering fool (actually only 76, but he seems much more antiquated) to go before the cameras in response to a serious turn in the race for president?

(Mainly I wanted an opportunity to use the post subject above. I'm sure I'm not the first, but hey, we do what we can.)


  1. Grandpa Simpson needs a drool rag.

    1. :-) That's a pretty good "get off my lawn" pic, isn't it?

  2. Does it help Obama, Preciousssss? Is it making Rmoney cry, Precioussss? THEN WE HATES IT! TRICKSSSSY! FALSE!

    1. There's a restaurant in Houston named Hobbit Café which (with one brief hiatus, a move and a name change) has been around for over 30 years. The patio area is a splendid place to have Sunday brunch in nice weather, if you can stand the crowds and the parking lot. Oh, and one more thing you have to stand... the (presumably) life-size statue of Gollum hovering above you, guarding one corner of the patio. He doesn't actually speak to you, but he does, guaranteed, give you the creeps!

    2. Actually, quirks of speech aside, it's hardly fair of me to compare Gollum to Jack Welch: Gollum is a genuine victim, pulled in over his head by an evil far more powerful than almost anyone could withstand; Welch is a proud self-made man who never had any regrets.

  3. Charming Older Man Singing Ditty About Obama ....

    Please "google" it through firedoglake

    1. Enfant, I think I'll give that one a miss. My musical sensibilities might be offended! ;-)

    2. Enfant, I don't know about English speakers in the rest of the world, but in America, we use the phrase "tin ear" either for someone who has terrible pitch sense... or someone absolutely insensitive to the context of what they say. Both meanings apply here! :-)



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