Monday, October 8, 2012

Rmoney Said To Favor Arming Syrian Rebels

... and he'll announce it in today's speech, according to the Guardian's Ewen MacAskill. Because America can never have too many wars and proxy wars underway at the same time. [/snark] I suppose this will bolster Rmoney's neocon credentials.

If you think there isn't enough war in American life, directly or indirectly, vote for Rmoney. He doesn't know shit, but he knows how to issue orders, and what more does he need to be a "war preznit"? Shades of GeeDubya...

The proposal would mark a significant shift from Barack Obama's administration's policy of trying to keep the conflict a low-intensity one amid fears it might turn into a regional war. Obama is putting pressure on Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the main backers of the rebels, to restrict the supply of weapons to small arms.

... unlike Rmoney, because Dog knows a big war is preferable to a small war. Just ask his corporate owners in the defense industry. [/snark]

NOTE: this is not about the validity of the rebels' position; there are always arguments for and against, and I would not want to live in Syria under either government. This is about endless war for America, and possibly for the entire region in the map above. How much war is too much war?

(H/T Enfant in comments.)


  1. What a brilliant idea - handing sophisticated antiaircraft and antitank weapons to people with unknown loyalties and background to destroy someone the US doesn't like.

    That worked out so well in Afghanistan... [/sarcasm]

    The good news is that the State Department budget could be seriously reduced in an Rmoney administration, as our only embassy would be in Israel after everyone else kicked out our ambassadors.

    1. Bryan, if the neocon philosophy is truly that "it is better to be feared than liked," I'd say their strategic response is waaay out of line with their purported goals. The US under neocon influence has done a pretty good job of being neither liked nor feared, and I suspect in the long term any nation had better be at least one of those two. For eight years, GeeDubya and the neo's pushed the US into one ineffectual war after another, and if a Republican wins this year or in 2016, I expect they will resume their folly promptly. My corresponding philosophy is "it is better to fight no unnecessary wars"; at least Obama seems to be getting out of some of those, albeit at a snail's pace.



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