Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rachel Maddow Discovers: Myth Rmoney Is Absolutely, Totally, Completely LYING About His Position On Contraception, With The Help Of (Among Others) Sitting Republican Senators

I missed this segment five days ago when it broke. I was foolish to put it aside, briefly so I thought, when it happened. Rachel Maddow was appropriately diligent about the matter, and found the truth: Rmoney is lying about his position on the Blunt Amendment, and hence about women's access to contraception through their employer-provided health insurance. Despite repeated disclaimers by Rmoney and other Rmoney surrogates (including, e.g., Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX)), Rmoney would, in fact, allow employers to prevent women from obtaining contraception through their employer-provided health insurance. Contrary to what he and his surrogates have said, he believes it is, indeed, the business of employers... religious institutions or otherwise... to make that decision for a woman.

Please view Ms. Maddow's segment. And, as GeeDubya Bush once said, you "won't get fooled again." I know many women for whom this is a go/no-go issue, so it is very important to know that Myth is LYING about it. Please watch Maddow's segment, and be enlightened if you aren't already.

Lying, motherfucking bastard. Scheming, selfish, deceiving bastard! Lying-straight-in-your-face BASTARD!

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