Monday, October 22, 2012

Rmoney's Buzzwords: 'Peace' And 'Greece'

"Message: I care. I'm not scary." That seemed to be what Rmoney was trying to say, perhaps directed at women, who heretofore seemed to find his views on social issues more than a bit frightening. Several times, in the frame of one or another segment, Rmoney would say he wanted "peace"; in a few other places, he likened the allegedly collapsing American economy to that of "Greece." I suppose those words were focus-group-tested, but if I were Greek, or even Greek-American, I would certainly be insulted!

Offhand, I'd guess that this debate performance would not be a game-changer. Rmoney committed no horrible gaffes; Obama relentlessly defended his record and worked to show Rmoney as unqualified to be president. (Rmoney seemed to me to be on cocaine, but he often gives me that impression. Hey, he could afford the stuff...) If you went into the debate supporting one man or the other, you probably came out facing the same direction. Then again, I am not very good at applying the "who would I rather have a beer with" standard that seems ubiquitous among typical Americans. (I would think that Rmoney probably doesn't drink beer, at least not in public view. Then again, again, there's his appearance of speeding...)

In a few days we'll see if the polls change, but I'd be surprised if they change much. Polls of the popular vote continue to be very close; projections of the electoral vote continue to say that Obama should win unless Rmoney "runs the table" of swing states. Remember Rmoney's advantage, though: he doesn't have to win all those states; he can steal some of them... Republican right to rule, and all that shit.

I don't have much left in me, and tomorrow I have both a doc appointment and (possibly) a trip to the polls, so I'm going to defer further poo-flinging until tomorrow afternoon. I hope you feel the CPD debates were as worthwhile as I did (namely, not at all).

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