Friday, October 5, 2012

Foot Notes; Post-Debate Polls

I have a doc appointment this morning, so this will be a quick one. First, the foot is healing pretty well; the process will still take months, not weeks or days, but progress has been steady.

Now about the aftermath of the presidential debate. The consensus seems to be that while Rmoney "won," he may pay more for having lied his way through virtually every issue than he gained from appearing to have more "conviction" than Obama.That suits me: Rmoney should indeed have more conviction(s)... As the mainstream media more or less ignores Obama (the network execs are all Republicans, and yes, that does make a difference), this will probably take some money to bring Rmoney's worst prevarications before the public.

Nate Silver says it's too soon to have a firm idea of how the debate affected the polls. That fact alone should provide some comfort to Obama's supporters.

Robert Reich
offered this observation:
In Wednesday night’s debate, Romney won on style while Obama won on substance. Romney sounded as if he had conviction, which means he’s either convinced himself that the lies he tells are true or he’s a fabulous actor.
Well, maybe. I believe Rmoney is completely and unabashedly a flim-flam man, a car salesman, a huckster. He is indifferent to the truth or falsehood of his statements, as long as they have the impact he desires. So he can spend an evening with Obama, pretending he's a moderate, disavowing everything else he has said during and since the GOP convention.

In other words, Rmoney's stellar debate performance may work to Obama's advantage, if the Obama campaign can repeatedly enumerate Rmoney's lies. That process is mainly a matter of spending a lot of money. We shall see if O has enough to do the job... Rmoney certainly handed him the material.

One final thought: Obama is going to have to stop being Mr. Nice Guy. It doesn't look presidential; it just looks weak. Obama needs to dismantle Mittens in the next presidential debate, no holds barred. Will he? Has he got it in him to eviscerate the guy?

I guess we'll find out!


  1. First, It is great news about healing progress on your foot. I know that has been an extended traumatic event. Healing is slow as we get older.For me it was going from A1 health to a year and a half of 'systems' collapse. The heart was the worst, but healing is happening. I'm walking again, getting more energy and, of course, ornery as hell again. ;) My impression of Romney in the debate brings back that story of him attacking and assaulting his fellow student at Cranbrook. I believe Romney knows he is lying and has absolutely no conscience what so ever. Obama better shape the hell up, get some balls and fire his incompetent debate advisors.

    1. karmanot, I am delighted to hear that you are recovering. Age seems to slow the process, but it is important to remind ourselves that things can get better over time. Ironically, the very thing that allows me to walk... the boot... is what prevents the wound from drying up quickly; hence the wound is healing nicely, the infection is gone, the shape is changing the way it needs to to allow a filling-in, etc. But with the boot on most of the time, I just can't prevent a water build-up. So I can hire an in-home care person to tend the wound daily... or I can learn to wait as it heals itself.

      Rmoney is a bully. I have about had it with bullies. My first experience with them was as a child on the playground, and the adults they seem to have become are not morally superior to the bullying kids. To hell with them!

  2. The Bully experience never really leaves us. I was an intelligent, sensitive, slight and odd kid, which attracted bullies. The difference in my case was that my dad taught me how to fight ( as a last resort). When bullies meet the last resort they go down fast and furious. I can see see the bovine looks on their faces after the first sucker punch.



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