Tuesday, October 16, 2012

For Paul Ryan & Family, Charity Begins ^And Ends^ At Home In Front Of A Camera

Via John Aravosis of AMERICAblog and the WaPo, we find the Ryan family doing their Catholic duty by washing pretending to wash ^already clean^ dishes at a soup kitchen ^for 15 minutes in front of a camera^.

No word was available on whether GOP legislation regarding social programs for assisting the poor would visually resemble the paragraph above, or the dishes at left, after Ryan's markup. Ryan's parish priest  declined comment, and also declined to recite a Bible verse appropriate to the occasion. There was also no report of whether any dishes broken due to Ryan's unfamiliarity with housework were replaced. Asked about breakage, Ryan quoted homespun Republican wisdom from a sampler on the wall of the kitchen at his home: "It's your problem!"

(Note: this post looks more like I intended it in Mozilla Firefox [I'm using 16.0.1]. Google Chrome seems to have trouble properly rendering a SUP tag in the same text as a SUB tag. Whatever else you may say of Chrome, it's not a SUP kitchen.)

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