Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Qualm Before During The Storm

Frankenstorm Sandy, 900 miles wide, is endangering a lot of people and damaging a lot of property. Every sort of emergency worker is working 24x7 attempting to restore public safety.

President Obama, as is appropriate for a president in a natural disaster, is being presidential.

Presidential contender Mitt Rmoney, as one might expect from a lying SOB, is trying to appear presidential, using surrogates to lie the lies he knows no one will believe, reassuring people of things of which they rightly should not be reassured, e.g., his claimed lack of intention to ax Roe v. Wade.

A random thought just hit me...

Where is Karl Rove, and what is he up to?


  1. What is Karl Rove doing? Probably hiding under his bed until calls for acts of courage have subsided.

    1. karmanot - ROTFL! but whatever Rove is doing, it isn't cowering under his bed. Rove is a cold, mean mofo whose notion of "courage" would send a chill up your spine. They should make Karl Rove costumes for Halloween... in adult sizes only!



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