Friday, October 12, 2012

Robert Frost: 'The Aim Was Song'

Before man came to blow it right
The wind once blew itself untaught,
And did its loudest day and night
In any rough place where it caught.

Man came to tell it what was wrong:
It hadn't found the place to blow;
It blew too hard - the aim was song.
And listen - how it ought to go!

He took a little in his mouth,
And held it long enough for north
To be converted into south,
And then by measure blew it forth.

By measure. It was word and note,
The wind the wind had meant to be -
A little through the lips and throat.
The aim was song - the wind could see.

Robert Frost

(There are several readings on YouTube, some of them lamentably bad. This one has some redeeming virtues.)

(Apologies for the error in the first line, since corrected. I can only plead that I copy-pasted from an online source that had an even worse error in the same line.)

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  1. To the commenter whose work I just blew away: anonymous comments bearing any kind of racial animosity (or links thereto) are gone from this site as soon as I discover them. Do not mistake my frustration with Israel as hostility to Jews: it isn't. Please take your anti-Semitism elsewhere... the outhouse might be a good place.



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