Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hart InterCivic eSlate/ePoll Voting Machines Owned By Company That Shares 11 Directors With BAIN CAPITAL

That's right. My county's voting machine, a Hart InterCivic eSlate, the one on which I shall attempt to cast a ballot for Barack Obama, is owned indirectly by HIG Capital, whose directors... 11 of them in common with Mitt Rmoney's old company, Bain Capital... bought into the voting machine manufacturer in 2011... just in time for the 2012 elections. And HIG's directors? Several of them are big-dollar bundlers of contributions for the Rmoney campaign. Here's a segment from the David Pakman show (YouTube... H/T ellroon and oranges and lemons at Kos):

(Apologies for the godawful but sometimes amusing automated speech-to-text transcription in the video.)

As Pakman and friend point out, this is not the first time a voting machine vendor has promised to help deliver the presidential election to a Republican... remember 2004, and Diebold Corp.'s CEO who said he was "committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president [Bush] next year"?

Many psychologically disturbed people tend to attribute flaws to others which they silently perceive in themselves. You know the howl going up from the GOPers about vote fraud this year? Could this be the source?

One is supposed to be properly sympathetic to the plight of mentally deranged people. But in this case I am not: I WANT TO MURDER SOMEONE...

No. What I really want to do is hold a Houston Voting Machine Party, sending all those Hart InterCivic machines to the bottom of the Houston Ship Channel before the election. A return to paper ballots, with a strict chain of custody supervised by representatives of all interested parties, is minimally essential to a restoration of representative democracy in America. As long as we have e-voting systems, we will have large-scale, mostly invisible election theft, a fraud committed not (as alleged) by individual Democratic voters but rather by malevolent Republican IT personnel. What cannot be stolen vote-by-illegal-vote can be stolen en masse by a few taps and clicks.

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