Friday, October 26, 2012

Thank You, John Sununu, For Admitting GOP Racism

Igor Bobic of TPM:
Former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu, a Romney surrogate, said on Thursday night that the reason former Secretary of State Colin Powell endorsed President Obama today was due to the color of his skin.

Yeah, that's why I endorse Obama, because the color of his skin is the same as mine: human. [/snark]

Stupid Man
Black Man
Look: Sununu's thinking is straight out of antebellum Mississippi, only worse. I don't know what Colin Powell's motives are for endorsing Obama, and neither does Sununu. If race enters into Powell's thinking, that's his business.

But Sununu's announcement, made in the role of surrogate of Myth Rmoney (he's co-chair of Rmoney's campaign), broadcasts to the world that great bit of Republican "wisdom" that you should vote your skin color, not your politics, when choosing the most powerful leader in the world. Great job, Johnny-boy. Such high-minded political thinking! [/snark]


  1. We were inspired by your post on the Sunono!

    1. Thanks, karmanot! ("Sunono" ... good one!)

  2. Have you not read the avalanche of people that have said they have voted for Obama for the very reason Sununu gave? You may not agree with him, but the reality is that some people vote on skin color and it crosses both parties and all ethnic groups. There are whites that only vote white. There are African Americans that only vote for African Americans.

    1. Jim, are you writing to advocate that approach? is that how you vote? Do you think that's a good way to choose the leader of the free world? Does your comment assuage your troubled conscience about doing so?

      This is still, just barely, America, and you have a right to vote for anyone running, for reasons you keep private or broadcast to the world. Let's assume that race IS your reason for voting for Rmoney. If so, it is your right to do so, even if that is the worst of reasons.

      But for me to ASSUME you vote primarily by race when you have not said so is over the line. As for Sununu, who has no direct line to Colin Powell's conscience and no possible way of knowing the combination of issues Powell used in reaching his decision, Sununu is over the line, both in assigning a reason he can't possibly know and in faulting Powell for voting his conscience.

      I am hardly one to defend Barack Obama, who is a de facto moderate Republican, nor Colin Powell, who participated in some of the Bush 43 administration's worst excesses. I voted for Obama this week because I think Rmoney gives not a damn for the great 99% of the American people, and with all his flaws, Obama at least cares. It is the only edge that matters to me.

      But if you go around justifying voting based on a candidate's race or gender, or saying other people shouldn't, you are nothing but an asshole, and people will not take you seriously.

      Kindly do not post on these threads again. My usual response is not banning but "trexing," i.e., rewriting the content under your name. You have been warned!



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