Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Arkansas Lege Candidate: Allow Parent-Directed Execution Of 'Rebellious' Children

Two points provided by Pam Spaulding at FDL about this utter nutjob, Charlie Fuqua, and his proposal:
  • He's a Republican (did I even need to say it?);
  • He bases the proposal to allow parents to execute "rebellious" children on some passage from some version of the Christian Bible.
This is the kind of crack-brained thinking that drives me ever further from the GOP and from right-wing Christians.

Should anyone who genuinely believes a parent should be able to arrange his/her own child's execution for "rebellious" behavior be allowed to hold public office of any sort?

We don't even need a law against such parental action (other than the murder laws already on the books). What we need is common sense on the part of voters no matter what their political affiliation, a tacit agreement that some things don't pass muster no matter which party's candidates advocate them.

Is such a silent rejection of the hardest of hardcore capital punishment too much to ask? Oh. Excuse me. I forgot that one is not permitted under any circumstances to request that a fundamentalist evangelical god-botherer exercise reason in the least degree. How silly of me. [/snark]

Indeed, Arkansas being what it is, Fuqua may well be elected.

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