Monday, October 29, 2012

Rmoney's Lying Auto Ad

Rmoney Emblem
Few statements in this Rmoney ad (YouTube) are individually false, yet the statements are arranged in such a way that the whole ad tells several lies: "fact checkers confirm" (actually they don't; some are voicing outrage), "Mitt Romney has a plan to help the auto industry" (all best evidence is that when Detroit needed help, Rmoney advocated letting them go bankrupt with no assistance), that Rmoney's non-plan is supported by "Lee Iacocca and the Detroit News" (but NOT the Detroit Free Press), that "Obama took Chrysler into bankruptcy" (neglecting to mention that was with assistance and a bailout toward a structured bankruptcy and sale, rather than allowing catastrophic collapse as Rmoney advocated), that Chrysler was sold to "Italians" who plan to build Jeeps in China (neglecting to mention that this was part of the abovementioned deal that saved Chrysler, or that Fiat has no intention of closing its very successful Jeep manufacturing plants in the US... hey, even our tiny two-car household has one Jeep and one ancient Chevy).

By my count, that's one lie every five seconds, in a 30-second ad. And they wonder why I so often use the pants-on-fire symbol for Rmoney.

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