Thursday, October 18, 2012

Second Circuit Becomes Second Circuit-Level Federal Court To Dump DOMA

This is a victory for LGBTQs. And straights. And every American under the Sun, whether they know it or not!

Congrats to my good friend's daughter and her wife; you know who you are. You were "early adopters" in Massachusetts, if I recall correctly, and now you can move anywhere in the States you want to go.

Marriage is a human right. Depriving gay people of it is a human rights violation. Pretty simple, eh? If you don't like the new reality, you're in the wrong country!
Of course the Repugnicans wlll take it to the Supremes, and Dog knows what the Supremes will do to the two decisions... First Circuit and Second Circuit Courts of Appeal... striking down DOMA as unconstitutional. But as some commenters have pointed out, Kennedy is more libertarian in his inclinations than social conservative, so there is some hope. Meanwhile... to those who have always been married in their own eyes and in mine, congratulations on being married in the eyes of the law of the land!

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