Monday, October 29, 2012

R.I.P. Krugman's Doris Lessing, Dead At Age 19

Paul Krugman, Robin Wells
in 2010, with cats
Doris Lessing, Albert Einstein
Grown men do cry. And I am not the only one who reports it. When our cats step on the rainbow bridge, we add our tears to the rain. Paul Krugman's cat Doris Lessing, age 19, who has suffered a tumor on her liver for several months, finally stopped eating a few days ago, and today Paul and Robin, following the only kind course, had her euthanized. I am sure I join with the entire left blogosphere in offering the Krugmans our condolences on the loss of one of their furry friends.


  1. I'm sorry to hear. Doris had a good innings but it is never easy is it

    1. jams, I know you've experienced the same thing. You walk to a hall intersection at which the kitty used to pounce on you; you sharpen your senses and reflexes for the game, and then... no cat. Silence. It's mighty hard to take.

      Krugman is not merely one of the greatest (and most publicly known) economists of our time, he is also known as a decent guy. His taste in music is visible/audible evidence of that. And if he cares for his cats this much, I'm inclined to believe he IS a good man.

    2. The is no grief quite like the loss of our longtime companions of the kittah and dog persuasions.

    3. karmanot, how true; how painfully true. Cats and dogs can and often do become dear friends, and parting with them is like parting with a family member.



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