Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Rmoney's Fact-Free Jeep Ad Scares Jeep Factory Workers

How loooow can he go? David Dayen of FDL has some news on that:
There's a pic like this
in Rmoney's lying ad
Mitt Romney’s latest play for Ohio – which remains the touchstone of the entire election, desperate plays for Minnesota and Pennsylvania aside – apparently involves straight-up lying about the intentions of Chrysler to “build Jeeps in China,” to the extent that Jeep factory employees are calling their managers wondering if they still have a job.
[quote from UAW local president]
Fiat’s chief executive reiterated today that there are no plans to move Jeep production to China.

Dayen then describes the balance of forces in this war of truth vs. blatant falsehood: newspapers' pointing out Rmoney's ads as pants-on-fire class does not balance out the huge ad buys of the Rmoney campaign. On the one hand, a few calls to union shop stewards should set the record straight; on the other, maybe enough autoworkers will remain ignorant of the falsehood of the ad to be willing victims of it when they go to the polls.

Happy Halloween!
It's really difficult to campaign against a candidate willing to lie through his shiny white teeth about anything and everything to win. That is to say, it's really difficult to campaign against today's current focal GOP strategy. These people are neither honest nor well-intended, and there is real danger that they can persuade people to vote against their own interests for the worst reasons. We can only hope we can stop them. And Great Pumpkin, I'd also like a pony...


  1. That whole Romney Jeep ad thing pisses me off. Yeah, politicians are liars, pretty much by definition (because the public really, really, does NOT want to hear the truth, the truth is harsh and far from comforting), but fuck it, there's shit you just do NOT play politics with. Apple pie. Motherhood. Harley Davidson. And Jeep. You're pissing on America when you play politics with those things. Just sayin'.

    - Badtux the Peeved Jeeper Penguin

    1. BadTux, when I hop in the car with Stella to pick up our mail or shop groceries or get a bite to eat or whatever, it's a Jeep we get into. I love my ancient teal-blue Chevy Cavalier, but her practical Jeep Grand Cherokee is the signature car of America. I wonder WTF Rmoney thinks he's gaining by going up against the whole American auto industry... with baldfaced lies that most people not worshiping at the altar of the GOP can understand just fine, and recognize as lies. Seems pretty stupid to me. But nobody asked me.

  2. Jeep fan here! Drove them for years minus the few years Chrysler ruined them. They are on track again, but I can't afford them anymore.



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