Saturday, October 13, 2012

‘I Had An Abortion. Or Maybe I Didn't.’

A soliloquy by Leslie Cannold, a pro-choice activist at a TED conference in Canberra, Australia. A powerful statement about how we (Aussies, Americans and Brits) talk about abortion; about how unjustified, externally imposed shame is used by the anti-choice forces to compel women who have had abortions not even to talk about those abortions among themselves; about how threats of shunning, ejection from churches and even termination of employment are used to prevent women from communicating, one woman to another, what they really need to know about abortion.

If I had a daughter, pre-teen or older, I would want her to see this video:

(H/T Kathleen Geier at Washington Monthly, whose accompanying essay is well worth reading.)

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