Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fusion... Not Nuclear, Not Musical, But DHS Centers

How far did DHS ultimately go in removing your civil liberties and your privacy, starting (more or less) on 9/11/2001? Gene Howington at Jonathan Turley's blog sketches the sordid picture for us. Few answers will surprise you, but if you grew up in an earlier, freer America, a lot of them will offend you. What can you still keep private from your government? In essence... not a damned thing. Not one. And it's all compiled in databases, crudely indexed and even more crudely cross-referenced, to make sure that what the DHS knows about you that is incorrect, the FBI, CIA, NSA, DoJ and often local law enforcement agencies also know about you... equally incorrectly. Like nuclear fusion, this kind of fusion can so easily get out of hand, become unstable and do more harm than good, that I can't help thinking the term was chosen premeditatedly.

Be sure to read the comments. Most of Turley's readers are attorneys, and many of them have some perspective on the process by which Homeland Security has become personal insecurity. Welcome to our brave new world.

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